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These are posts of my work.

Autumn Crystal Desktops

These desktops were generated by my Living Painting application. Enjoy!

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Living Painting Demos

You are the painting. Above are some demos of my Living Painting application. The application can paint still images, video, and video from Kinect with background subtraction. Multiple layers can be created to achieve complex visual results. Blending painted users with painted stills and video in real time. Sound reactive brushes are also available, size […]

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Kinect Painter for Celfin Art Lab

I was recently contracted by Celfin Capital, an investment firm in Chile to develop what was my Living Brushes program into an interactive painting kiosk for use in the streets of Santiago. We talked on Skype about the possibility of doing the project and I was very interested in being a part of it. Developed […]

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Living Painting Preview

This is a preview of my upcoming Living Painting works. The application used the Cinder library, C++ and OpenGL. The architecture is designed to be extensible and has a full GUI panel for tweaking each effect. OpenGL shaders are used for the bloom and other effects.

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Kinect and Cinder Library

I decided to give the Cinder library a try based on the packed feature set. This is a little demo application made with the Kinect that runs about 4000 particles in real time using only the Cinder API drawing methods. I believe Cinder will prove to be about 2x faster than openframeworks across the board, […]

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IMSound @ Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

I did some programming work on an interactive installation for the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire this year (2011). The project was a collaboration between Tangible Interaction, Chairman Ting, and myself. We had kids in mind when we thought about creating the install, so we used a heat sensor mounted 4-5 meters high and tracked body […]

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Blaze Space – Android Game Engine Demo

For the last two months I’ve been working on a fast, lightweight, 2D Physics and Game engine built in Actionscript 3 (Flash). The goal was to develop a library of tools to support creative interactive work (games, etc…) and allow for rapid prototyping of concepts. Another focus was platform independence which is why I decided […]

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Kinect Ribbons

Embodiment experiment with Kinect and Processing. Ribbons and sound reactive flares give a representation of myself dancing like a monkey. :P

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Living Brushes

Alpha stages of my Living Brushes program. Brushes of varying influence allow a user to create expressive visuals augmented by the creativity of an emergent system of brushes. This will be an installation soon that will allow the user to paint with brushes that have a simple swarm intelligence to them. Interaction is done with […]

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Video Painting with Kinect Take 2

This is a really rewarding project I’m working on that has awesome potential. Flocking behaviors and interaction with a Kinect make for some really fast and beautiful artistic effects.

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