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Blaze Space – Android Game Engine Demo

For the last two months I’ve been working on a fast, lightweight, 2D Physics and Game engine built in Actionscript 3 (Flash). The goal was to develop a library of tools to support creative interactive work (games, etc…) and allow for rapid prototyping of concepts. Another focus was platform independence which is why I decided […]

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Actionscript and Haxe Physics Engine Roundup

While developing a fast, 2d physics, lightweight, game engine, I tested multiple open source physics engines for three features: speed, memory usage, feature set. Note: I vetted each engine on how it performed on Air for Android. All of these engines are excellent choices for Web / Desktop where squeezing performance is not an issue. […]

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A Walk Down Memory Lane…

Here are some very old projects of mine, dating 4 years and older now. Here is a brief overview: Bouncy Boxes – After writing my own drawing libraries for Flash (actionscript 2) I decided to abstract things a bit more. The drawing you see here is made with code. Recursive – Some fun with drawing […]

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