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Code Tabs Preview

Simple HTML, CSS, JS, and Processing editor, with TABS! Features: TABS! No other online editor has them! Code hinting (autocomplete suggestions) for above languages Syntax highlighting (obvies…) Selection match highlighting Brace match highlighting Brace / Tag completion BraceĀ / Tag folding Import and use any Javascript library (image ex: three.js) Import or Drag and Drop images […]

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Close a Twitter Bootstrap Popover when Clicking Outside

A vexing topic for me and a bunch of other people on stackoverflow, the problem being that Twitter Bootstrap Popovers don’t close when you click outside to anywhere else on the document. This might not be your desired outcome, simply: when clicking outside a popover, wouldn’t you want it to close? The code below makes […]

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Twitter Bootstrap Carousel Full Markup Example

I really like Twitter Bootstrap but I’ve noticed that their example page only shows minimal markup for some of the more exciting features, leaving out little details like the “carousel-caption” class that I had to use view source to find. If you were looking for how they do their clever captions at the bottom of […]

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HTML5 Canvas API, Paper.js, Raphael.js, Processing.js: Performance, Benchmarks and a New Trick

An original benchmark posted here showed that Processing.js was lagging by 68-68% behind native Canvas API calls performing essentially the same thing. I was curious where the bottleneck for Processing.js was in the original test so I exposed the processing canvas context to the sketch itself in the head of the document. Then I simply […]

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