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Fun Side Project

Update: Started to work with OpenCL and managed to achieve the infamous 1 million particles in realtime, framerates are around 120 fps but fall when you add more complexity to the particles, collisions etc… Previously: Got inspired by Memo Atken‘s Gold Dust. Little fun project made in C++ and OpenGL with the wonderful: OpenFrameworks.cc, OpenCV, […]

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A great time of mine was when I decided not to work for a month and make a particle and music visualizer engine. The amazing OpenFrameworks.cc allowed me to build a very robust, flexible, and powerful engine, and to focus on what I really wanted to achieve, without getting bogged down by hardware details etc. […]

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Videos in Processing

Before moving away from Processing, I dabbled with it’s video export, sound import and analysis libraries. Using opengl to make some visuals. And some more visual fun! These birds were given a flocking motion of perlin noise, which is a great smooth noise function that can create a nice pseudo flock. They are also in […]

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