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These are posts of my work.

Painterly Flower Algorithms

A painterly algorithm ran with some flower pictures I took this past summer. Prints are a few posts back.

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Music Sketch in Processing

Here’s a little music visualizer sketch I made for my class on multimedia programming. It’s made in which is a great framework built on java for sketching quick, clean, portable ideas.

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Osmos Processing Clone

A little homage to Osmos made in Processing. Click image to play game.

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Art Photo Prints

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New Photo Images

Here are some images generated from pieces of code I wrote quite some time ago. Click for full version and check out their complexity, it may surprise you.

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Bouncing Beat Boxes

An elaboration on the previously mentioned side project. This is another little side project I made, taking after the previous video I posted. Time ~ 2h. 1024 boxes represent pieces of a sound wave. Each box flies up and expands when its piece of the wave is loud or high. They collide with each other, […]

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New Cards!

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Meandering Dancing Circles

A small side project, completed in transit to and from school. Total time ~4h. Watch in 720p and fullscreen with sound up please! I had this idea for a long time, and wanted to see if it would work well visually, well it turns out it does. There are 512 meandering lines drawn by opaque […]

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Visualizer in the Wild

For the last half of summer I’ve been tweaking and testing various iterations of a visualizer for live shows etc. It was important to me that this visualizer employ some form of physics, be lightning fast, reactive to music and user interaction (via webcam). These videos show off a portion of those goals, but are […]

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The Visualization Continues..!

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