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aMotion Toolkit Video Recording Preview

Developing a cross platform motion texture engine in Java for creating affective motion textures with a node based, data flow UI. Using the Xuggle library for recording H264 video at a seemless 60fps. Using LWJGL for OpenGL and OpenCL. Using Jetty to create HTML5 UI that uses WebSockets so the application can be controlled through […]

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Mutlimedia Programming

A while back I taught a course at my school titled: Multimedia Programming for Artists and Designers. The course introduces artists and designers to the basic concepts of “drawing and animating with code”. The course leveraged some of the latest web technologies to create interactive and engaging content serving as both lecture and study material. […]

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Genetic Algorithms the Easy Way

Most of my work to date has been reactive, that is there is a 1-1 connection between what the user does and what the application does. Recently for a class project I decided to use Genetic Algorithms to enhance the user experience and potentially augment some of the creative processes of working with a tool. […]

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aMotion Toolkit – Submission to CAe 2012

Demonstration video from research at SFU. Submitted to Computational Aesthetics 2012. Abstract from paper: Visual artists and designers frequently use carefully crafted motion textures — patterns of ambient motion throughout a scene — to imbue the atmosphere with affect. The design of such ambient visual cues is an elusive topic that has been studied by […]

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Best Paper CAe 2011

Last summer my research won the best paper at Computational Aesthetics 2011 hosted here in Vancouver. Link to papers Here is the abstract from the paper: The communication of emotion and the creation of affect are core to creating immersive and engaging experiences, such as those in performance, games and simulation. They often rely on […]

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Living Brushes

Alpha stages of my Living Brushes program. Brushes of varying influence allow a user to create expressive visuals augmented by the creativity of an emergent system of brushes. This will be an installation soon that will allow the user to paint with brushes that have a simple swarm intelligence to them. Interaction is done with […]

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Video Painting with Kinect Take 2

This is a really rewarding project I’m working on that has awesome potential. Flocking behaviors and interaction with a Kinect make for some really fast and beautiful artistic effects.

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Kinect Flock

Flocking with Kinect as a controller. The flocking patters change based on the orientation of the hands. Amazing stuff!

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Video Painter with Kinect

My video painting program running with a Kinect to do some clever background subtraction. Results are great, I’m so glad we’ve picked one up for our lab!

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Video Painter First Look

These are samples from a project I’m working on for a class called Metacreation. The system runs off a webcam and uses multi agent swarms to draw what it sees. There are many settings for the swarm: flocking behaviors, attraction, repulsion, tracking user motion, in addition to many brush settings. These are just a few […]

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