Making Shiny Things

Working with my group in visual arts on a project I developed a program in Open Frameworks to light up 6 LEDs, plugged into an Arduino, based on the audio input signal.

In the video: the software shot will show you a simulation of the six LEDs as lights across the top of the screen, the blue bars are the brightness level of those simulated lights.

Final Video Demo:

Some Pics:

The Arduino circuit building adventure is here:

The classes project is too create a visual house space that will incorporate some aspect of physical computing. The overall theme for the space is minimalist.

My group decided to do the under the stairs portion of the space, it offers something creepy and unique. Our idea: allow the user to go under, line the walls with white fabric, scatter lights throughout the space, hang a tin can with a small microphone inside, and when the user talks… You guessed it, the lights come on. The space is dark and confined, until you light it up with your voice. Something magical but private happens in this space.

Thanks to Bobby for all his knowledge of circuitry.

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