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Google, Facebook, Banks, Blockchain, WTF is Happening?

I haven’t been posting on Facebook in a while and I have never written something like this on my blog but here we go. Trust A lot of issues regarding Facebook’s walled gardens and Google’s projects (AMP and others) have spurred regular people to start considering their online behavior. This is a good thing. As […]

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Code Tabs: Online HTML, JS, CSS, and Processing Editor with TABS

I’ve released an early stage version of my online editor for html, js, css, and processing called “Code Tabs” today. One thing missing from a lot of online editors is the ability to create custom tabs, a pretty essential feature for any project with more than a couple of hundred lines of code. I’ll be […]

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Code Tabs Preview

Simple HTML, CSS, JS, and Processing editor, with TABS! Features: TABS! No other online editor has them! Code hinting (autocomplete suggestions) for above languages Syntax highlighting (obvies…) Selection match highlighting Brace match highlighting Brace / Tag completion BraceĀ / Tag folding Import and use any Javascript library (image ex: three.js) Import or Drag and Drop images […]

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Adobe Air Mobile Development Talk @ Vancouver Flash Platform Meetup

  Discussing issues of “deploy everywhere” mobile technologies in general. Contents (in order): Pros and cons of: Unity, Corona SDK, Marmalade, PhoneGap, Titanium, HTML5 / CSS / JS. Pros and cons of Adobe Air platform for mobile development. Development samples of Adobe Air APIs. Discussion of performance issues, and performance tips. What’s broken at Adobe? […]

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Actionscript and Haxe Physics Engine Roundup

While developing a fast, 2d physics, lightweight, game engine, I tested multiple open source physics engines for three features: speed, memory usage, feature set. Note: I vetted each engine on how it performed on Air for Android. All of these engines are excellent choices for Web / Desktop where squeezing performance is not an issue. […]

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Israel Reflections

The second day in Israel we went on a hike in the Golan heights to see a waterfall around 100 feet tall. The hike nice and light, but fraught with the perils of getting messy. Stu will reminisce about how he decided to wear brand new white Nike runners which were completely destroyed by the […]

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New Cards!

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Searchtrix Coverage Roundup!

After about a week, has amassed some nice reviews and traffic! Here’s a summary: (POLISH)

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