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Socualizer – Social Media Visualizer

    Socualizer is a product I’ve been developing for the past 3 months with the goal of integrating Social Media streams with high-end, club / concert grade visuals. The end result will be a turn-key, brandable, social media visualizer, with a powerful dashboard to control the streams and entire visual experience. Technically, Socualizer is […]

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Playground – Multiplayer, Collaborative, Visual Experience for Mobile

Recently I was asked to join Tangible Interaction in developing a Chrome Experiment that used WebRTC, an emerging web technology that enables P2P browser interaction (tabs talking to other tabs), without sending the data over the server. We developed Playground, which enables 5 friends in close proximity (100m) to join a “room” where each player […]

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Code Tabs: Online HTML, JS, CSS, and Processing Editor with TABS

I’ve released an early stage version of my online editor for html, js, css, and processing called “Code Tabs” today. One thing missing from a lot of online editors is the ability to create custom tabs, a pretty essential feature for any project with more than a couple of hundred lines of code. I’ll be […]

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Code Tabs Preview

Simple HTML, CSS, JS, and Processing editor, with TABS! Features: TABS! No other online editor has them! Code hinting (autocomplete suggestions) for above languages Syntax highlighting (obvies…) Selection match highlighting Brace match highlighting Brace / Tag completion BraceĀ / Tag folding Import and use any Javascript library (image ex: three.js) Import or Drag and Drop images […]

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aMotion Toolkit Video Recording Preview

Developing a cross platform motion texture engine in Java for creating affective motion textures with a node based, data flow UI. Using the Xuggle library for recording H264 video at a seemless 60fps. Using LWJGL for OpenGL and OpenCL. Using Jetty to create HTML5 UI that uses WebSockets so the application can be controlled through […]

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Mutlimedia Programming

A while back I taught a course at my school titled: Multimedia Programming for Artists and Designers. The course introduces artists and designers to the basic concepts of “drawing and animating with code”. The course leveraged some of the latest web technologies to create interactive and engaging content serving as both lecture and study material. […]

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Friend Flip

In my spare time I have put together a simple, clean app called Friend Flip. I made Friend Flip because I was sick of scrolling through my news feed like a zombie (when I even did at all). I decided matching up my friends and training my brain would be much more fun. Friend Flip […]

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Genetic Algorithms the Easy Way

Most of my work to date has been reactive, that is there is a 1-1 connection between what the user does and what the application does. Recently for a class project I decided to use Genetic Algorithms to enhance the user experience and potentially augment some of the creative processes of working with a tool. […]

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Adobe Air Mobile Development Talk @ Vancouver Flash Platform Meetup

  Discussing issues of “deploy everywhere” mobile technologies in general. Contents (in order): Pros and cons of: Unity, Corona SDK, Marmalade, PhoneGap, Titanium, HTML5 / CSS / JS. Pros and cons of Adobe Air platform for mobile development. Development samples of Adobe Air APIs. Discussion of performance issues, and performance tips. What’s broken at Adobe? […]

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Painting Living Paintings

The above videos demonstrate user painting in my Living Painting Application described in this post. The hand tracking is done using a Kinect and objects are seeded from the hand with a velocity in the direction the hand is facing. The spread of objects being emitted can be controlled as well. The Living Painting Application […]

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