A Walk Down Memory Lane…

Here are some very old projects of mine, dating 4 years and older now.

Here is a brief overview:

  • Bouncy Boxes – After writing my own drawing libraries for Flash (actionscript 2) I decided to abstract things a bit more. The drawing you see here is made with code.
  • Recursive – Some fun with drawing a recursive pattern and animating, may induce vertigo.
  • IsoBox – Again, more drawing routines.
  • Reveal – A simple image covered in objects which make themselves transparent with a mouseover.
  • Text Explode – An example of a simple particle explosion while hidding a letter.
  • Snow Walk – A simple animation from scanned drawings. Click once on the snowman, then use your arror keys.
  • Leaves – A tool made in an art class some time ago.
  • Found Color – Another tool developed in art class. This was for a found color assignment, in which all samples had to be discovered.
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