Assignment 4 - Game or Generative Art Poster


Due at 11.59pm, Sunday, November 6th.

There is no late policy for this course!

If you do not complete the assignment by the deadline, you will receive 0
You will be excused pending discussion with your TA


You have a choice between building a game-based assignment or a generative art poster. Each option is made up of a design brief explaining what the client (we, your teachers) want and code requirements to make sure you are becoming a Processing ninja. Choose one option and begin designing. This assignment is a warm up to the Final Project that starts in a couple weeks.

Remember: this is a two week project. Confine the scope of your design to something that can be built in two weeks. Ask you TA if you are not sure if your design is able to be completed in two weeks.

Game Design Brief:

Create a simple game that has a player character and 2 types of "enemies". Keep track of the score. The choice of how the game works is up to you. You could do anything from a futuristic version of asteroids to a Mario style side scroller arcade game. It is up to you. Keep the game mechanics simple. Focus on polishing one or two key game play elements.

Code Requirements:

Generative Art Poster Brief:

Create a sketch that can be influenced by the keyboard or mouse to create a piece of generative art work. It may be geometric. It may be organic. Use your knowledge of drawing shapes and animation to make a stunning piece. To constrain your thought process, the art piece must be an interpretation of the season Autumn.

Code Requirements:

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