Assignment 3 - Objects and Inheritance


Due at 11.59pm, Sunday, October 23rd.

There is no late policy for this course!

If you do not complete the assignment by the deadline, you will receive 0
You will be excused pending discussion with your TA


We are going to create a grid layout of shape objects in order to create stunning patterns and effects. Our shape objects will be interactive and react to the user input via the mouse. This will allow us to parameterize our pattern and work with data in the context of a design constraint. Samples:


Produce one sketch only, the requirements are given in parts as a guide only
Make sure you fulfill all requirements, but feel free to deviate artistically
This is a real opportunity to create some stunning work, BE CREATIVE AND TAKE RISKS.
Aim high and keep moving!

Part 1 - A Shape Object

Create a class to define a shape of your choice.
Instantiate this shape several times and arrange in a grid.


Part 2 - Reactive Shapes

You will now make a subclass of your shape class from Part 1.
Add methods to allow the new objects to react to user input.


Part 3 - Different Shapes

You will now create a new subclass of your class from Part 2.
This class will override the draw method that was inherited from the original class from Part 1.


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