Assignment 1 - Shapes and Transformations


Due at 11.59pm, Sunday, September 25th.

There is no late policy for this course!

If you do not complete the assignment by the deadline, you will receive 0
You will be excused pending discussion with your TA

Part 1 - Drawing Directly

Draw a scene using the shapes covered in lectures and labs.
Place this code inside the setup method.


Practice each shape type and have some variation in position, size, shape.
Use at least 4 of EACH shape type:

Use at least:

Part 2 - Drawing with Transformations

Draw a character for your scene.
Place this code inside the draw method and clear the background.


Part 3 - Drawing in a Method

Make a new sketch (using your background from Part 1 and character from Part 2).
Move your scene code and character code inside their own methods.
Call these methods from the draw method.


Tips and Tricks